Experience a past-life regression from the comfort of your own home!

Hello, I'm Amy Ash

I help people experience their past lives.

It all started back in 1987 when I was just 14 years old and lost my best friend. In my shock and grief, I had one, burning question... "What happens when we die?" I didn't want to rely on religion, faith, or other people's experiences to find the answer. I wanted to have my own experience to find out for myself if we truly are spiritual beings. This desire to have my own "experience" led me to study past-life regression. Ever since, I've been using this tool to carve my own spiritual path and teaching others to do the same.
Amy Ash

Imagine finally being able to experience for yourself, your true spiritual nature rather than having to rely on faith, religion, or other people's experiences to know the truth.  

I first trained in Past-Life Regression Therapy in 1999. 

Not only did I discover that Past-Life Regression one of the best ways to experience your true spiritual nature, but I also learned that there are many practical benefits. These include discovering the origins of your fears, phobias, anxieties, relationship issues, physical ailments, etc. and in many cases, resolving them. 

There's just one problem.

Many people want to experience a past-life regression but haven't yet due to several factors including: 

  • It's too expensive
  • There are no reputable past-life regression therapists near them
  • It's inconvenient and takes time to go see someone
  • They don't know where to start

But now you can experience a past life regression:

  • from the comfort of your own home
  • at a very affordable price
  • using the same techniques used by leading expert past-life regression therapists
  • with a reputable past-life regression practitioner
  • can repeat it over and over so that you can visit more than one life!



An Online Past-Life Regression Course 


This Course Give You Instant Access To:

  • A Past-Life Regression Guided Audio Recording (downloadable and I give you two versions - one with background music and one without) 

  • Video Workshop with lessons on reincarnation, past-life therapy, and how to make the most of your regression 

  • 2 Powerful Audio Preparation Exercises to help you make the most of your regression 

  • Email support by Amy Ash  to answer any questions 

  • All lessons, guided regressions, and audios are downloadable so that you can keep them for life!

Created and taught by Amy Ash,

Hypnotherapist + Past-Life Regression Practitioner      

Easy. Effective. Affordable.   

I created this course in order to provide an easy, affordable, and effective way for people to learn about and experience the power of a past-life regression for themselves. This is the real deal - the methods I use are the same methods used by most leading experts in the field of past-life regression therapy. I hope that you'll join the program so that you can experience the truth of your spiritual nature for yourself.    

Past-life Regression Can Help You:

  • Overcome fears and phobias

  • Alleviate physical symptoms

  • Resolve emotional issues

  • Strengthen your spiritual connection

  • Ease grief over the loss of a loved one

  • Eliminate your fear of death


Sarah, Spirit Walker Student

"The first time I did the regression, I was a bear cub. Not what I was expecting. I tried again a week later and I came out of the tunnel as a bird! Haha. I was so annoyed that I was another animal that I opened my eyes, turned off the guidance and read an email. 

But then I realized I'd set aside the time to do the regression and really wanted to explore it so I settled back in, caught the feeling and vision of the bird and tried again. In the guidance, you mention looking at your feet to see what you are wearing and I looked down expecting claws. Instead, I saw moccasins! 

I was a fierce, beautiful Native American warrior/hunter watching the bird! Haha. The memories included a young son in the hut with all the other women, me being chief, and dying as ashes on the wind. 

It was so powerful - coming in and out of this world,  free as a bird.  Leading out of my strengths,  confidence, and gifts. People thriving and happy with their experience with me as their leader.  I FELT my own confidence and "knowing" their happiness and trust.  But I also left the world with a little worry - about literal/physical threats that I am currently manifesting as anxiety and self-doubt.  The thing I could resolve and leave in that life was the anxiety. 

It was inspiring to FEEL Who I Am on such a deep level. I can't thank you enough for opening my experience to this skill of knowing myself better."

Sarah, the chief bear cub ;)

"How Is It Possible To Experience A Past Life from home?"

It's pretty simple, actually. When I and other expert past-life regression practitioners lead a group of people through a past-life regression at a group event like a workshop, we use a guided hypnosis meditation technique to regress the group back to their past lives. And the results are profound!

Yes, it's true also that an individualized, one-on-one past-life regression with a practitioner can be an incredible experience. But, it's also more expensive, takes more time, and you only get that ONE session.

The main difference between an interactive one-on-one regression and a guided meditation regression is that in the one-on-one regression the practitioner can spend time deepening you if needed as well as interact with you more in order to resolve issues from your past lives. 

But here's the deal, many people have profound past-life experiences using the guided meditation technique because it is very similar to an individualized session. They can resolve issues and explore various parts of their past lives. Better yet, if they aren't successful their first time, they can just do it again - as many times as they wish. 

Even Dr. Brian Weiss who is a leading expert in Past-Life Regression Therapy supports the idea that many people have to practice getting into a state of hypnosis in order to experience the depth needed to visit a past life. When you pay ~$200 to get a personalized past-life regression, you get one shot. With a regression meditation, you use it over and over.

In my course, Spirit Walker, you get it all for a low-cost, convenient way to explore your past lives over and over again. You get my past-life regression workshop video lessons where I teach and prepare you for your regression plus two audio exercises to help you experience hypnosis and what it feels like to "see" a past life. And finally, you get two versions (one with background music, one without depending on preference) of my past-life regression hypnosis meditation that you can use over and over - forever!


Sign up now to receive these special bonuses:

  • A List of My Favorite Books On Reincarnation...

    I've been researching reincarnation and similar topics since 1987. I'll provide you with a list of my favorite books that relate to the subjects of reincarnation, past lives, and near-death experiences and include a brief description.

  • Journaling Template

    After you finish your regression, capture all the details in this journaling template that includes important questions to help you remember the most important details about your past life such as, "Who did you recognize in your past life?", "What was the higher purpose of that life?", and more.

Benefits of This Course:

  • OVERCOME THE PAST - discover when and why some present-life behaviors, fears, physical ailments, and habits started in a past life which can play a role in overcoming them

  • DEEPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL OUTLOOK - past-life regression connects you to your spiritual nature and give you a broader and more accurate perspective on life

  • VISIT MANY PAST LIVES - you can use the included past-life regression over and over again to visit many past-lives whenever you need some spiritual connection or insight into an issue

  • EASY AND IMMEDIATE - this program makes experiencing a past-life regression easy and immediate. You can listen to the lessons or jump right into the regression session. (We recommend watching the lessons in order to make the most of your regression, but it's up to you)

  • ADVENTUROUS AND FUN - while some past-life experiences can be emotionally intense, it can also be really fun to go on a spiritual adventure to discover more about your own soul's journey

  • ACCELERATE YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH - exploring past lives can be a means to gain deeper insights into your soul's lessons and accelerate your evolution, but only if you take it seriously and do the deeper work on yourself

Is Reincarnation Actually Real?

In my research on reincarnation, I discovered that there were thousands of cases recorded by reincarnation researchers. The type of evidence in these cases included things like children speaking ancient languages that they should have no present-day knowledge of, children going to homes from their past-lives and finding physical items they hid, adults having new knowledge or a talent like playing a musical instrument that they have never studied in their current life, and many other types of cases. Since then, there have been hundreds of books written about reincarnation, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences that indicate we are much more than our physical bodies.


Visiting A Past Life Can Be Therapeutic

Revisiting past lives can be very therapeutic. Each regression can shed light on your current situation and foster a deeper connection to your spiritual nature. The therapeutic aspect of past-life regression can be very helpful in healing behaviors and fears that originated in a past life. Many times, the mere act of becoming aware of how and why a specific issue started in a past life, is enough to help overcome it.


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  • Is past-life regression safe?

    While some people may experience intense emotions during a past-life regression, I have never experienced nor heard of anyone being harmed from one. During a regression, you are tapping into your subconscious mind to access the past-life memories. Your subconscious mind is designed to protect you.

  • Can everyone regress back to a past life?

    If one is interested in visiting a past life, then in theory, they should be able to regress. The key to being successful is usually getting comfortable with the process and that can take some practice.

  • Is an audio regression as effective as an in-person regression session?

    Yes! Even the top experts in the field of past-life regression lead individuals or groups in guided regression meditations in addition to offering more individualized one-on-one sessions. What is often times most challenging for people when they first do a past-life regression is their nervousness about the process which can hinder their ability to relax and go deep. By listening to the included lessons and repeating the regression session, you can learn to have deeper and more powerful experiences as you gain familiarity with the process. In-person sessions can certainly be very powerful (and much more expensive). If you are working on a specific issue and don't make progress on your own, then an in-person session will likely be more beneficial. However, I recommend doing a recorded regression at least once before an in-person session in order to become more comfortable with the process so that you can make the most out of it.

  • What if I'm not able to go to a past life?

    Some people will experience a past life very deeply on their first regression while others may have a lighter experience and still, others may not regress back at all. Be patient, practice and keep at it. For some people it can take some practice before they're able to regress. Meditating can be helpful in order to get you more used to the state of mind that you will need to be in in order to regress.

  • Is a psychic past-life reading just as effective?

    While both types of past-life experiences can be healing and powerful, there's a huge difference between being told about your past life versus actually experiencing it for yourself. It's the difference between being told a story about something that happened versus actually being there when it happened. It's incomparable. Also, you typically have to experience the memory in order to get a resolution, so a psychic reading on a past-life is usually not as effective.