Get Rid Of Your Stress and Anxiety Using EFT Tapping, Guided Meditation, and Affirmations

When you eliminate your stress and anxiety using this program, you'll also...

  • FREE YOURSELF FROM THE FEAR that has held you back and kept you stuck in feelings of worry, panic, and discomfort

  • PERMANENTLY PUT YOUR PAST WHERE IT BELONGS - in the past so that major events and smaller upsets no longer impact you

  • INCREASE YOUR ENERGY AND CLARITY by eliminating the stress that clouds your mind and sucks up all of your good energy

  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH - by reducing chronic stress and anxiety that can cause serious health issues when left unchecked

  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS by getting rid of your negative, subconscious aggage


About Amy

I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner. For over 20 years, I've been using these powerful mind-body-energy tools to help myself and others eliminate the fear, anxiety, and stress that prevents us from feeling and being our best.  

Stress and anxiety are all-consuming and can impact every area of your life. That's why reducing stress and anxiety is foundational because until the stress is addressed, it makes it nearly impossible to focus on other areas of your life. 

This is why I created this course - to help you get rid of your stress and anxiety so that you can get back to your true nature of inner peace, self-love, and confidence.




What One Student Had To Say

"I haven't felt good for a long time. After having tried talk therapy and countless other things to reduce my stress and anxiety, I was a bit skeptical that this course would have a real impact on the quality of my life. I thought real change would take more time and a lot more effort. This course has taught me a technique (EFT) that I find empowering and highly effective in not only managing but reducing my anxiety and stress. I feel better, and not just in the moment … but I am seeing a lasting effect. Something that may have triggered me in the past, now doesn't "sting" as much and I'm finding that overall, I just feel better! I highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, self-confidence, grief, negative thoughts, etc. For me the list goes on and on. Amy is knowledgeable, supportive, and has outlined this course in a way that is easy to follow. I encourage you to take the course and invest in yourself." - Laura
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What’s included in the program?

There are 6 Core Modules that include:

  • 22 Simple Video Lessons

  • 13 Easy-To-Follow EFT Tap-Along Videos

  • 9 Powerful Exercises 

  • 3 Guided Meditation Downloads

  • 6 Easy-To-Use Workbooks (one for each module) with exercises, resources, and EFT scripts

Does this sound familiar?

"I definitely want to do it...just not right now."

"I'm way too busy right now."

"I don't even know where to begin."

It's actually not surprising. 

The thought of piling one...more...thing onto your plate when you already feel so stressed is completely overwhelming. Your stress and anxiety are keeping you stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety

That can mean knots in your stomach, tension in your body, negative thinking, low self-confidence, excessive worrying and fear, health issues, weight gain, poor sleep patterns, and a lack of energy. 

No wonder so many stressed-out people end up slugging down a pint of icecream or a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Stress is....stressful! 

And so it goes… 


You will learn practical techniques that work with the deeper, subconscious mind and the body's energy systems to create lasting change.

  • MIND

    When the mind is fearful or worried, the body responds with symptoms of stress. Likewise, when the mind is calm, the body responds by putting the body into a state of balance. This IS the mind-body connection. In this course, we will eliminate the underlying emotional causes of your stress and anxiety for long-term results. You will learn to calm the mind and return to peace.

  • BODY

    When the mind senses a threat of any kind, the body responds with an increase in heart rate, hormonal imbalances, increased blood pressure, low energy, tightening of the muscles, and lack of clarity. Long-term stress can cause your body to experience these physical symptoms on a continuous basis which is really bad for your overall health. The tools I teach will help to return your body to a healthy state of balance.


    Stress and anxiety take up a tremendous amount of physical and mental energy. It's exhausting to be in a constant state of stress. As you reduce your stress and anxiety, you will naturally free up energy for more productive and enjoyable activities.

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Find out why I use these particular mind-body-energy tools

What are these Mind-Body-Energy tools that you will learn?

I have used these tools for over 20 years with myself, my family, and my clients and continue to use and teach them because they are EASY-TO-LEARN, EASY-TO-USE, EFFECTIVE, and DOABLE.

  • EFT Tapping is a very powerful yet simple step-by-step technique that targets the body’s energy systems through acupressure points on the body in order to eliminate emotional and physical distress. It has been widely used by veterans and genocide victims for relieving symptoms of PTSD - it's THAT powerful.

  • Guided Meditation is a form of meditation where a person’s voice guides you into a meditative state where your body and mind naturally relaxes. This relaxation disengages the fight-or-flight response and puts your body into a state of balance. It's good for your mind, but also your physical health.

  • Positive Affirmations help you to set and remind you of your intentions for yourself and your life and can also be a powerful tool for identifying what’s blocking you from living your best. They are simple, but when used in the way that I teach, they can be a very powerful tool for transformation.


Personally, I simply don't have time for tools that don't work, require a big learning curve, lots of scheduled appointments, quiet time to use them or require a time commitment every day. It's too much.

I believe that there are many valuable tools that can help you on your path including both Eastern and Western approaches. (I am not a big fan of the people out there claiming that there is only ONE way and it's usually their way.)

You hear my passion and excitement for the tools that I teach because I've had many amazing experiences with them, but also because they're PRACTICAL. To me, "practical" means "doable".

For me, this is really important. I have three kids, an amazing wife, three dogs, a business, family, friends, and myself that I want to spend time with. I need tools that I can fit into my life. 

THAT'S what I LOVE about the tools that I teach. They work and they're practical!

p.s. my daughter wanted me to share that her hair is crazy in this picture because it was taken on day 5 of camping :)

Who Should Take This Program?

As long as you are also MOTIVATED and WILLING TO DO THE WORK, then this program is great for people who are...

  • New To Personal Growth Work

    If you have never worked with mind-body tools, a therapist, or coach then this course will give you a solid foundation. No experience is necessary for this program. Learning these tools and understanding how your mind-body connection works will change not only reduce your stress and anxiety, but will truly change your life.

  • Seasoned Self-Helpers

    I often hear from clients who have been doing therapy, self-work, and all types of techniques to help themselves reduce their anxiety and stress experience true relief for the first time in their lives using EFT. This course will take you on a deep dive into discovering and healing what is keeping you stressed or anxious.

  • Expert Coaches and Therapists

    Social workers, therapists, coaches, and teachers of all kind are often the people who need help the most. They take on so much from their work and because they are "experts", they often think they should be able to handle it themselves. This program is perfect for helping them to process their stress in a very real and practical way.

Who Should NOT Take This Program?

  • I-Want-It-Done-For-Me Types

    If you are looking for something to be done to you rather than you taking control and responsibility for your life, then this is NOT the program for you. You have to be willing and ready to dive in and do the work. It's simple and easy to do, but you HAVE to do it.

  • People With Serious Mental Health Issues

    If you have serious mental health issues, then we recommend that you check with your doctor or therapist to see if this program is right for you. While we are not aware of anyone being hurt by using these tools or using this program, certain exercises may bring up past traumas and deep-seated emotions that may be best dealt with a professional mental health provider.

What You'll Learn

There are six modules that will be released weekly until you receive all six. They're yours to keep forever so you can go at your own pace.

  • Module 1 - The Foundation

    In this module, you will gain a clear understanding of what the subconscious mind is and how it's responsible for about 95% of your life. This is foundational information because it will help you to understand how you will be using the tools in this program to address the root causes of your stress and anxiety. You will also learn EFT Tapping, use EFT to reduce your stress and anxiety, and get some powerful affirmations that you can use immediately.

  • Module 2 - Defining Peace

    Many people have experienced so much stress and anxiety in their life that they've forgotten what inner peace feels like. In Module 2, you'll define what inner peace feels like to you and begin to identify and remove what's in the way of experiencing it. You will also learn about guided meditation, how to create your own affirmations, and will begin to dig deep into understanding more about how stress and anxiety show up in your life.

  • Module 3 - Healing The Past

    You weren't born with all of the stress and anxiety that you experience now. Events, influences from others, and all of your life experiences contribute to your well-being (or not-so-well-being). Gently and easily, we will focus on eliminating anything from the past that may be causing you stress and anxiety. This is where we say goodbye to the negative baggage that's been holding you back.

  • Module 4 - Limiting Beliefs

    After learning about the subconscious mind, you now understand how powerful your mind is. In this module, we identify and eliminate any limiting or unsupportive beliefs contributing to your stress and anxiety. "I'm not good enough", "I don't think I can ever live without this anxiety", "It's impossible to be successful without feeling stress" - are a few examples of limiting beliefs.

  • Module 5 - Emotions and Symptoms

    Fear, worry, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness are just some of the emotions that are connected to your stress and anxiety. In addition to emotions, there are MANY different ways that stress shows up in your life as symptoms including anything from Irritable Bowel Syndrome to headaches to avoiding certain situations. In this module, we'll be DOING the work to reduce and eliminate the negative emotions and symptoms of your stress and anxiety.

  • Module 6 - Moving Forward In Peace

    While this is the final module it's by no means the end of the road. At this point, you know how to use EFT, Guided Meditation and Positive Affirmations to help return yourself to a peaceful state. You've cleared negative baggage that's kept you stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety. Now what? We keep going. We continue to work on all the different ways stress and anxiety affects your life and empower you to continue on your journey feeling empowered, calm, and in control of your life and well-being.


  • Listen Up

    These days, it seems like every online program has a million bonuses to get you to sign up. I'm not going to do that for two reasons. First, I've put everything that I believe will help you into the program itself and will continue to add relevant material as it comes up. Second, if you need some marketing gimmicks to get you to commit to changing your life, then this isn't the program for you.

  • A Gift Instead

    If I offered you a bunch of bonuses then I might get you to buy the program, but you may not actually DO the program. That's not who I am looking to join this program - I want motivated people who are ready to dive in and change their lives. But...I will give a little bonus which is more like a thank-you gift if you sign up for the program...

  • Your Thank-You Gift: A Guided Meditation For Deep, Restful Sleep

    Sleep is important, but stress and anxiety can get in the way of a good night's rest. When you sign up, you will receive a specially designed guided meditation to help you get a deep, restful night's sleep. Designed to be listened to at bedtime to help you fall asleep. Downloadable so that you can put it on your own device.

30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I think you'll like the program, but if not, let me know and I'll give you a full refund as long as it's within 30-days of your date of purchase.


  • How long will the course take?

    As long as you need. But...we estimate that you will need approximately 1-2 hours each week for 6 weeks to complete the modules and get some results. You may want to spend more time on certain portions of the program depending on your specific needs.

  • What will I need to take this program?

    You can take this program on a computer, tablet, or cell phone and you will be required to sign-up to access the program with your own login id and password. Access to a printer to print worksheets, templates, etc. Headphones are nice to have to get focused, but not necessary. Something to take notes with. That's it!

  • What if I have questions or need help?

    We want you to succeed and we are here to support you. Email support is available and we do our best to answer your emails within 48 hours and usually sooner. And I know it's unheard of these days, but we actually have a phone number if you prefer to call. 1.800.545.8267

  • When does the program start?

    As soon as you sign up, you will gain access to the Welcome section and Module One. Then every week following, you will receive a link to the next module until all six modules have been released.

  • What if I don't like the program?

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days from the date of purchase. Simply email us and request the refund.

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    For as long as it exists! You also can download all of the videos, workbooks, and exercises so that you will always have them. And if anything is added to the program or updated, you will receive the newest updates.

The Benefits...

  • FREE YOURSELF FROM THE FEAR that has held you back and kept you stuck in feelings of worry, panic, and discomfort

  • PERMANENTLY PUT YOUR PAST WHERE IT BELONGS - in the past so that major events and smaller upsets no longer impact you

  • INCREASE YOUR ENERGY AND CLARITY by eliminating the stress that clouds your mind and sucks up all of your good energy

  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH - by reducing chronic stress and anxiety that can cause serious health issues when left unchecked

  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS by getting rid of your negative, subconscious aggage


Return To Your True Nature.

Peace. Self-Love. Confidence. Health. Energy. Fulfillment.

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